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Graphic Catalog use

Graphic Catalog designs, found in the menu, can be added to any customizable item on the Papa Tee's Custom Creations website.

  1. Find the graphics images you like in the catalogs (expand to full page for best viewing) or upload your own.
  2. Purchase the item to customize.
  3. Edit the applicable customization areas on the Product Page to customize the item( shirt, Face Mask, Mug, etc.),
    1. The areas include
    2. Graphic Catalog name and version
    3. Image ID( below the graphic).
    4. Background
    5. Main image
    6. Colors
    7. Text

**Graphics from separate Catalogs and pages can be combined and colors can be changed changed.

  • A link to the proof will be emailed for approval.
  • Approval must take place within 3 days of email notification.
  • Once purchased the item will be customized and shipped.
***Please refer to the Return Policy for customized items before purchasing.